A Family's Feet in the Sand at the BeachYour feet quite literally carry you through life. But life, as it happens, has a way of complicating our expectations. And when it comes to our feet, complications are a certainty. Just as we take on different responsibilities at different ages, we have to consider our health in different ways, too. Your feet, just like you, will encounter an assortment of challenges from the day they’re first planted on firm ground until the last. Podiatrists help you ensure the health of your feet, for you and your loved ones, between and across generations.

Podiatry for Children

Most children learn to walk without difficulty. But in some cases, subtle defects or abnormalities can permanently impact a child’s life. Podiatrists are well-equipped to detect and correct a number of early-infancy and childhood foot and ankle conditions, such as clubfoot, ingrown toenails, balance and motor skills-related problems, and gait issues. Some disorders, such as clubfoot, must be corrected swiftly to prevent life-long disability.

Podiatry for Adults

It’s no secret: as we get older, we all become more susceptible to foot and ankle injuries and conditions. Many adults visit a podiatrist to address a range of issues, from sports-related injuries like shin splints to bone fractures, sprains, bunions, and cracked heels. Podiatrists are adept at treating these sorts of ailments—and they also work with you to identify the root cause of chronic issues. In most cases, a podiatrist can help you develop a treatment plan that considers your unique lifestyle and day-to-day needs.

It is also important to note that a great many senior citizens struggle with mobility as they age. In many cases, illnesses like arthritis and diabetes may first manifest in the feet. Recognizing how the body changes as it ages is essential to easing pains, identifying problems, and implementing solutions.

Our Podiatrists Treat People of All Ages

At Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry, our doctors recognize that people of all ages have different needs, and they know what types of problems typically develop at various stages of life. When it comes to feet, our podiatrists really have seen it all. It’s never too early to start seeing a podiatrist, just as it’s never too late—your feet can’t be replaced, but their health can be preserved and longevity extended with proper care.

If you’re experiencing foot or ankle problems, contact us online or call (301) 515-FEET to set up an appointment. We offer a free initial consultation to determine the cause of your problem—and our friendly podiatrists will set up a customized treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery.


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