Chris Majewski, DPM

Chris Majewski, DPM

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I’m Dr. Majewski. In the Last 20 Years, I’ve Experienced Quite a Bit in the World of Feet.  

I was once the young soccer player who had probably the worst feet in the world, spending countless hours managing ingrown toenails, bent toes, and countless injuries and sprains.  
I was once a guy who suffered a traumatic injury so bad that my playing days were over.  
I was once a long-distance runner suffering from endless foot pain and aches I felt I could not go on.
I was once a guy with toenails so ugly I was afraid to show them to anyone.

So I decided to close the book on my soccer days and dedicate my career to helping people get their feet in the shape they want them.  And even better, I have a roadmap and approach to foot care that anyone can benefit from to achieve the feet of their dreams. I’ve gone through the best schooling in podiatry, the best surgical residency available, and continue to learn every day about the newest and most successful methods available to help toes, feet, and ankles get better, healthier, and pain-free.  

That is, I’ve learned the true fundamentals – the secrets – of healthy feet, and I want to share them with the world.  My offices treat dozens of patients every day and we continue to provide our amazing patients with the best care available to make their feet happy, beautiful, and pain-free.  Also, I want to share everything I know in my articles, videos, and books which are available online and in our offices.  I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have related to healthy living, foot problems, old injuries, new problems, or anything in between.  Just send over a question or reach out to one of my offices and you’ll hear back from me.  

So, thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Juice learned the value of healthy feet at an early age. A passionate soccer player, Dr. Juice achieved national recognition as the youngest member of the US Olympic soccer team and earned a full soccer scholarship to The George Washington University where he graduated with honors. As a professional soccer player, Dr. Juice suffered a career-ending injury to his foot, but this did not deter his unique passion for feet. Continuing to acquire foot knowledge as a doctor of podiatric medicine, Dr. Juice graduated from Temple University with honors and then completed an elite surgical residency at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dedicated to Helping Patients Prevent Foot and Ankle Problems

Currently, in practice in suburban Washington, D.C., Dr. Juice continues a lifelong pursuit of foot-related knowledge and health. Author of several health-related books on weight loss and foot care, Dr. Juice maintains the highest qualifications available and more – Dr. Juice is also a certified coach to help you on your pursuit of weight loss by using the best tools available, your feet! So let your passion be your guide and let Dr. Juice be your coach as you join thousands of others who have chosen his proven path to a better, healthier, more beautiful you!