Podiatrist Helping a Patient at an AppointmentFoot doctors, also known as podiatrists, specialize in treating conditions of the foot, ankle, and connecting parts of the leg. While you may consult with your regular doctor about a foot condition, podiatrists have specific training and experience in foot ailments, making them ideal for resolving painful or recurring problems.

Common Reasons Patients Visit a Foot Doctor

In most cases, patients seek a podiatrist’s help when a foot condition becomes uncomfortable, unsightly, or does not respond to at-home treatments. The most common reasons patients come to our offices include:

  • Foot pain. Foot pain is the most common symptom reported by podiatry patients. Pain in the feet and ankles can be caused by a number of factors, including fallen arches, overuse, improper footwear, tendon and ligament damage, and stress fractures. A podiatrist can determine what’s causing the pain and devise a treatment plan to prevent further injury.
  • Toenail problems. If the edges or corners of your toenails are burrowing into the skin, you may be at risk of developing an ingrown toenail. Early treatment for ingrown toenails could correct the condition and relieve the pain, but in more complex cases, surgery may be needed to remove the nail.
  • Irregular growths. If you have noticed any bumps developing on the bottom of your feet, on the tops or sides of your toes, or at the base of the big toe, you may need a podiatrist’s help diagnosing the condition. A foot doctor will know the safest and most effective ways to treat warts, corns, calluses, bunions, and other irregularities.
  • Diabetes complications. People with diabetes are at higher risk of foot problems due to decreased circulation and neuropathy (numbness in the feet). Regular visits to a podiatrist may be needed to safely remove hard skin, clip toenails to prevent injuries, and moisturize dry or cracked skin.

Whether you have an ongoing condition or need immediate intervention for an injury, the foot and ankle specialists at Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry are here to help. Call our office today at (301) 515-3338 or fill out our contact form to get started.