Last week, we talked about Achilles tendonitis, providing advice on how to treat this painful condition. This week, we’re venturing into part two of our Achilles Pain Special: Achilles Tendinosis. Achilles tendinosis occurs when tendonitis has lasted for about three months or more. It’s accompanied by tightness or difficulty moving, pain, and slight swelling in the tendon. There are several options for treatment, all of which we’ll be covering in this week’s Podiatry in Minutes.

If you think you may be suffering from Achilles tendinosis, Dr. Tanno Kaur of Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry has some advice that will help relieve the pain of this condition. Welcome back to Podiatry in Minutes, brought to you by Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry! Check out episode 4 of the miniseries below to learn more!

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