Woman With Calluses Looking at Over-the-Counter Medicines and TreatmentsPatients may attempt to minimize stubborn corns and calluses by soaking them in hot water, rubbing them with a pumice stone, or even cutting into their skin using scissors or razor blades. Unfortunately, this DIY-approach often makes the condition worse, causing severe infections or pain that makes it difficult to walk.

Dangers of Over-the-Counter Foot Skin Products

There are plenty of corn pads and products available in drugstores nationwide, but not all of these are optimal for treating corns. For example, salicylic acid plasters (“corn pads”) may relieve some symptoms, but should not be used by people who have nerve damage (such as diabetic neuropathy) or circulation problems in the feet. The best way to treat corns and calluses is to seek out an experienced podiatrist.

A foot and ankle specialist can help ease your condition through:

  • Safe removal. If your corn or callus can be shaved down, a podiatrist has the right tools, training, and sterile environment to ensure the procedure is done safely. He or she can also apply bandages and cleansing solutions that will reduce the risk of infection.
  • Footwear modification. People often attempt to treat their corns without addressing the underlying cause, increasing the chances that the condition will return. A podiatrist can examine your shoes to determine if they are too tight or are placing too much pressure on your skin or toes, and can recommend footwear modifications to prevent a recurrence.
  • Padding. A podiatrist can create custom cushioning for your feet inside your shoes, including padding made of moleskin, wool, or foam to ease the pressure on your corns.
  • Surgery. If corns do not respond to padding, shoe inserts, or shaving, foot surgery may be necessary to permanently remove the corn.

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