Get help for psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes red, scaly patches on the skin of your feet and legs. It can often be painful and itchy. Stress or injury can cause the condition to flare and worsen. While there is no cure for psoriasis, there are numerous treatments that can help alleviate symptoms and control outbreaks.

Diagnosing Psoriasis

If you were diagnosed with psoriasis, you may have symptoms such as raised, red, scaly patches on your feet or legs. You may also have inflammation as well as thick patches of skin that are flaky and white, gray, or silver in color. 

Patches of psoriasis can range in size from a single small area to one that is large and widespread. Psoriasis can affect the joints of the feet and legs as well. 

Some cases of psoriasis that are on the toes or feet can be mistaken for a fungal infection or athlete’s foot. 

Psoriasis often runs in families and occurs in those with a weakened immune system. A podiatrist will be able to make a diagnosis of the condition and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Psoriasis Treatment Options

Psoriasis can often be controlled at home using a combination of treatments. Focusing on stress management techniques, moisturizing the skin, avoiding triggers such as alcohol, maintaining a healthy diet, and making sure to get enough sunlight are some ways to help control the condition.

If your psoriasis is painful, itchy, or interfering with your daily life, a podiatrist can help effectively treat your symptoms to make the condition manageable and less noticeable. Since each person’s case is different, a combination of treatments may be needed depending on your specific condition. 

To treat psoriasis effectively, the skin cells that are growing rapidly and causing the condition need to be stopped or slowed down. These cells are the cause of inflammation and the formation of plaques on the skin. 

Some treatments a podiatrist may recommend are:

  • Topical medication
  • Oral medication
  • Injections
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light therapy
  • Salicylic acid solution
  • Coal tar

Greater Washington Podiatry Can Help Treat Psoriasis

If you have psoriasis on your feet and legs and are looking for treatment options, contact Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry for help. We can provide a free initial consultation and can create a treatment plan based on your personal condition and needs. To set up an appointment, fill out our contact form online or call our office at (301) 515-FEET.

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