Your quality of life can take a turn for the worse when your feet aren’t functioning properly. Pain or numbness in the feet can affect your mobility, making you less likely to exercise, socialize with friends and loved ones, or even be able to go to work. The longer you struggle with the condition, the harder it may be to treat when you eventually see a specialist.

Why It’s Important to Take Good Care of Your Feet

Your feet aren’t just a means of getting from place to place, they are also a good indication of the health of the rest of the body. Any changes in your feet could be a sign of a more Woman Examining Her Feetserious health problem, such as diabetes or arthritis. The earlier you speak with a podiatrist about foot care, the better your chances of reversing the damage and preventing long-term complications.

Treating your feet generally happens in three stages:

  • Prevention. Smart footwear choices can prevent many common foot conditions before they start, including bunions, corns, and ingrown toenails. In addition, a daily foot care routine of washing, moisturizing, and checking the feet for injuries can help patients with diabetes avoid painful complications (and potential amputation of the foot or leg).
  • Intervention. If you’re experiencing pain in your feet or ankles, our podiatry specialists can find the cause of the problem and determine the best way to decrease pain and restore your body’s function and performance.
  • Immediate action. While we always attempt conservative treatments first, some patients are best served by surgical procedures. You may need foot surgery if you have suffered an athletic injury, have a foot deformity, or your diabetic symptoms have progressed significantly.

If you are suffering pain below the knee, the foot and ankle specialists at Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry are here to help. Simply fill out our online contact form or call us at (301) 515-FEET to set up your free initial consultation.

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