The Truth About Diabetic Foot Care by Dr. Chris Majewski

Diabetes is a complex disease that affects millions of Americans, with the number of patients increasing every year. Unfortunately, people living with diabetes are particularly at risk of developing injuries and infections in their feet—and if these are not treated quickly, they can require the surgical amputation of the limb in order to save the patient’s life.

Our podiatrist Chris Majewski believes that education is vital in preventing foot injuries, especially those caused by diabetes complications. Dr. Majewski wrote a comprehensive guide, The Truth About Diabetic Foot Care, specifically to help patients become aware of the importance of healthy feet when living with diabetes.

WIth your copy of the book, you will learn:

  • What diabetes patients can do right now to protect their feet
  • Understanding neuropathy (a condition that causes numbness in the feet)
  • When to see a doctor about a foot condition
  • Changes that can occur in the feet of people living with diabetes
  • How to properly moisturize dry or itchy feet
  • Why some diabetic feet do not heal properly
  • Shoe and footwear tips for patients with diabetes
  • How to stop a minor foot injury from getting worse

This book provides an excellent resource for diabetes patients who want to understand the full scope of foot complications of diabetes. In order to ensure that patients have the information they need to make good decisions about their health.

Request your copy of The Truth About Diabetic Foot Care up through the first chapter today to begin learning how to prevent future diabetic foot issues, and please call us at 301-515-FEET (3338) if you have any questions!

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