The Foot Book: Your Guide to Healthy Feet

Painful feet can make it difficult to perform many everyday activities, such as playing sports, running, dancing, or even walking. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how important their feet are to their daily lives until they experience pain or trauma in their feet or ankles.

As a former US Olympic soccer player, podiatrist Dr. Chris Majewski knows how injuries and chronic foot conditions can prevent people from living their lives to the fullest. Dr. Majewski wrote The Foot Book: Your Guide to Healthy Feet as a comprehensive resource for patients, but also to raise awareness of the importance of foot health for people of all ages.

When you download your free copy of the book, you will learn:

  • What types of shoes are the best (and worst) for your feet
  • Skin conditions that can affect feet
  • Pediatric foot conditions (and when parents should be concerned)
  • The truth about bunions, corns, and other toe conditions
  • Foot alignment problems and their treatments
  • Major causes of heel pain
  • Common tendon and nerve problems that can affect the ankle joint
  • Sports injuries and their effects on the feet and ankles
  • Foot care tips for patients with diabetes
  • Which orthotic devices may improve foot pain and gait problems

This book provides an excellent overall source to understand the many things that can go wrong with your feet—and we are offering it free of charge.

Get a copy of our book today to ease foot pain and prevent future podiatry issues, and please call us at 301-515-FEET (3338) if you have any questions!

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