ganglion cystA ganglion cyst is a non-cancerous bump that can appear on your foot. This type of cyst is commonly small and causes no pain, but can be bothersome when wearing shoes. Contact an experienced podiatrist to understand what options for treatment are available for your specific condition.

Diagnosing a Ganglion Cyst

Anytime you find a lump or abnormality on your foot, consult with a podiatrist for an evaluation. A podiatrist will carefully examine the lump to determine the type and cause of the growth. 

A ganglion cyst is one of the most common types of lumps found on the foot. They are benign growths that pose no harm. Some characteristics of a ganglion cyst are:

  • Has a thin, clear fluid-filled sac
  • Develops on a tendon sheath or a joint capsule
  • Typically small in size 
  • Rounded or oval shape
  • Causes no pain unless it presses on a nerve in the foot

A podiatrist will rule out other possible causes of the growth to confirm diagnosis then recommend treatment based on your personal needs.

Ganglion Cyst Treatment Options

Conservative treatments are most commonly recommended for a ganglion cyst. Most ganglion cysts do not require surgery. Treatment options may include:

  • Reducing pressure. Reducing pressure on the cyst is often recommended. To reduce pressure, wear soft, comfortable shoes that have plenty of room so they do not press on the cyst. 
  • Restricting activity. Limit activities that can cause overuse and stress on the cyst. This can help reduce pain and shrink the cyst.
  • Immobilizing the foot. Immobilization such as wearing a splint may be an option to help with the healing of the cyst and surrounding soft tissue.
  • Aspiration. A more invasive treatment is aspirating the cyst. This is done by draining the fluid in the cyst with the needle.
  • Surgery. If the cyst is reoccurring or causing pain, it may need to be removed surgically.

Contact an Experienced Podiatrist

If you have questions or need treatment for a ganglion cyst, Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry can help. We offer a free initial consultation and can create a treatment plan based on your personal condition and needs. To set up an appointment, fill out our contact form online or call our office at (301) 515-FEET.