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Patricia S., age 36
"Dr. Majewski did for me what no other doctor could do over the past 2 years. He simply and quickly made my heel pain go away. I appreciate his knowledge, proactive treatment and the education he gave me to treat this problem by myself in the future if I need to. Much thanks!"
Jaseon P., age 14
"My whole life I have had problems with painful ingrown toenails. Dr. Juice performed a simple procedure to make the ingrowing nail borders go away forever. Now, I don’t have to worry about my toenails anymore for the first time in my life!"
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Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry
A pleasant atmosphere reflects a soothing therapeutic spa in addition to providing conventional foot and ankle care. Calming relaxation music, peaceful waterfalls, comfortable reception sofas, and gentle aromatherapy are just a few of the amenities provided for clients. The office design utilizes non-invasive diagnostic technology and facilitates treatment of every foot and ankle condition. The office policy directs mutual respect and collective pride to ensure patient confidentiality. The clients of Greater Washington Area Podiatry enjoy overwhelming satisfaction and look forward to their next calming visit.

Greater Washington Area Podiatry considers patient education a top priority.

Treating the entire spectrum of foot and ankle disorders, Dr. Majewski encourages each client to learn the various remedies available to them. With easy-to-read patient handouts and descriptive pictures, the office promotes an optimistic dialogue to optimize healing potential.
Providing foot and ankle care
Our services include laser toenail fungus treatment, orthotics, sports injuries, ingrown toenails, surgery and more
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Your overall health is important to us
We provide podiatric care for your feet and ankles, however your overall health is very important to us. Dr. Majewski is the author of several books and maintains a blog to help keep you and your famiy happy and healthy. Subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly health update with tips and advice from Dr. Majewski himself!